Multi-national mining machinery supply company

When we first met with Now Global Logistics, I was struck by a sincere professionalism and a passion for their industry. Along with that was the ability to convey their language in such a way that a non-industry person could understand. Our desire was to find a freight company that could look after our wide […]

Multinational Specialist Packaging Corporation

Having worked with one of the business Directors previously (Ian) I was very pleased to hear when he was involved in a new business start-up, Now Logistics. Over the many years that Ian was involved with our business he excelled in the area of customer service. I have worked with many large freight organisations that […]

National Bathroom/Laundry/Wet Area product supplier

In 5 years of working with Now Global, I have never come across a situation whereby they have not moved heaven and earth to find the best solution.  Finding a single word to describe what Now Global offers is impossible. We can try exceptional however it is much more than that.  Service, knowledge, experience and […]

Major International Skincare company

We decided to engage Now Global Logistics due to the many years experience in the field of Logistics shared between the Directors of this company. We ship by both Air and Sea to the Asian Region, and require a logistics team with expert knowledge in this field to overcome the many and varied circumstances that […]

Specialist local Racking Company

It was in 2010 that Daniel Navacchi walked into my office offering me International freight services for my imported products. Initially I thought…. “Just another freight forwarder” and in my experience that they were all pretty much the same but some of the things that Daniel spoke about Now Global Logistics encouraged me to try […]

National Civil Construction Firm

Now Global Logistics is a fantastic, professional company to deal with.  No job is too big or too small.  Best freight forwarder in the business with superior service and excellent delivery performance. If you want to experience excellence – make Now Global Logistics your freight forwarder.

Internationally recognised Automotive fluid manufacturer

The knowledgeable and experienced team at Now Global have managed to assist in streamlining our business and strengthened our relationships directly with our international customers. Now Global are solution and time focused which without question, has allowed us to supply critical information along the entire supply chain and ensure full viability of our offshore and […]

Specialist, Multi-National Pipe Rehabilitation Company

Our Company part as an international group that incorporates supply of our products & systems from manufacture & distribution through to installation worldwide, we’ve developed a long & strong relationship with Now Global Logistics. The team at Now Global have demonstrated a great depth of knowledge & experience in all areas of international freight forwarding […]

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