When we first met with Now Global Logistics, I was struck by a sincere professionalism and a passion for their industry. Along with that was the ability to convey their language in such a way that a non-industry person could understand.

Our desire was to find a freight company that could look after our wide and varied international freight requirements and the corresponding challenges that can go with them. Now Global Logistics has been able to fulfill that brief in spades. Not only have they been able to embrace our requirements, Now Global Logistics has lessened the workload required on our end with their total commitment to the complete logistics package from pick up to delivery. We see urgency in all areas and excellent communication.

In my experience, many company’s attention begins to fall away once you are on the books. Not so with Now Global Logistics. Their attention and professionalism has not faltered from day one. Our professional relationship has been rewarding from our first encounter.

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