About Now Global Logistics

Who We Are

We’re Now Global Logistics. We’re International Freight Forwarders and we simply love what we do. We’re fiercely independently owned, make decisions that only benefit our customers and we think are pretty good at what we do!

One of the things that we’re most proud of is our spread of Agents around the Globe, with representation in every major Port and Airport.

What We Do For You

Whether you currently Import, Export or want to start doing it, you’ll need an International Freight Forwarder who knows what they’re doing, listens and cares.

Having a smaller footprint means that we have more time for you. International Trade is a tricky game, have the best players on your team!

What’s The Difference?

Yes! We know. There’s plenty of Freight-Forwarders out there. Each one touting this and that. Some even say they’re Industry leaders. Some with the biggest of this, and others with the foremost of that…. Let’s get real….

We don’t make up funny stories to try make ourselves look shinier, or bigger. You will see for yourself with Now Global Logistics just how good we are, and what makes us good.

Our Mission

This is pretty simple. Now Global’s mission is to be the easiest supplier for our Customers to do business with. We aim to do this though honesty, integrity, communication… and a little fun.

But enough about just us. Let’s talk about you…. then together with us.

Join us!

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