This is our team.

We’re International Freight Forwarders and we simply love what we do.

Now Logistics Team

Director / Operations


Ian’s the ‘make-it-happen man’. There’s nothing too difficult. Ian is rarely let out of the office for a number of reasons, but mainly so he’s on hand for our clients to solve problems.

When he’s not in the office, he’s indulging in hobbies such as motor racing, and trying to break the sound-barrier on his bicycle.

Known to all & sundry as simply ‘Eldo’, Ian began his career in Forwarding in 1981, working for many different Forwarding companies, including his own and in many varied roles.

Director / Accounts


Kev’s our Bean-Counter. He keeps all things related to Finance, Accounts and the many Statutory Regulations related to our industry, in check.

Outside of number crunching for Now Global, he’s a Rockin’-Rolling man! – Drumming and/or Singing with some of Adelaide’s top Rock bands. In 2014, Kev recorded an Album of original songs.

Known to friends and staff as ‘Kevy MetaLL’, Kev commenced his Forwarding Industry career in 1982 and has worked in the industry here in Australia, UK and Canada.

Director / Customer happiness


Daniel’s the Customer Happiness guy. Officially titled. He’s usually the one you see or speak to first about our services. He’s allowed out of the office.

When he’s not in the office problem-solving for our clients, he can be found carting around and entertaining his young family and getting outdoors.  He enjoys listening to Rock Music, and usually has it playing quite loud in the car. His hearing is also deteriorating rapidly. He’s in the car a lot.

Daniel has worked in many different roles, in many different industries, including the Building Industry, Engineering, Retail and Manufacturing. He found his niche in the Forwarding industry in 2001, having experience in most facets of Forwarding.



Sue is one of our friendly and highly experienced Import Customer Service Techs. Sue has been with Now Global virtually since our start.

Her Experience and contacts within the Import and Export industry is a valuable asset, and you’ll quickly learn she has what it takes to make your next shipment stress free!

Outside of work Sue loves taking in the Football and escaping the hustle and bustle to her Holiday House.

She is well known to many in the industry, with a Career spanning over 20 years in many aspects of Logistics, including Shipping, Forwarding and Road Transport.

Customer Service

Stuart Taylor

Stuart is another one of Now Global’s Customer Service and Import/Export Technicians.

He’s also one who’ll be hard at it, making sure shipments are meeting deadlines, documents are in order and Exports get away correctly and on time!

When he’s not in the office expertly managing shipments, updating clients and problem solving, he can be found at the Cricket ground. Even when it’s not on, waiting for the Cricket to start. When he’s not doing that, he’s at the Football oval…….

Known by all in the office as ‘Stu’ or ‘Taylor’, Stuart has worked all areas of Forwarding and other Service Industries.


Lisa Trinick

Lisa is also one of our Customer Service Techs. Managing both Imports and Exports, Air and Sea.

She works tirelessly to ensure that all shipments under her care are in tip-top order, and our clients are informed every step of the way.

Outside of work, Lisa is a passionate Dance Leader for her local dance club, training and organising kids in the art of Dance. Not a week goes by where there is not a Chocolate Raffle box on the edge of her desk, raising money for an event.

Lisa has worked in Forwarding for over 10 years, in various roles prior to joining the team at Now Global Logistics.

Accounts / Office Support

Julie Russell

Julie’s one of our “behind the scenes” support crew. She’s usually also the first person to greet you on visiting or calling our office.

Julie’s the one who ensures all the accounting and admin is in order.

Such a thankless task sometimes, but it’s what helps us to focus on our Customers.

When Julie’s not in the office, staring at ledgers and answering the phones she’s tending to a busy family or trying to keep fit.

Known by all in the office as ‘Jules’, Julie has spent most of her Career in Accounting, in various industries.

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